I am an Architect and Urban Planner born in Rio de Janeiro and currently living in Israel.

I believe that Architecture is a form that gives answer to many demands. From the first sketches to the final physical build, its final result must  deal with urban laws, customers demands, building users functionality and comfort, explore engineering possibilities, financial costs, environment, and much more.

The architect should mix all of this and come up with a beautiful,  fluid and functional design.

During my carrier I experienced working in various architecture offices and construction companies. In the late years I accumulated years of experience working independently in projects design and in building sites.

I am very connected to nature through surfing and travelling 

which made me experience different cultures, technologies and architectures.

All of this together, the different projects, the construction experience and the nature  influences my work and gives me the tools to correspond to the  demands that the multiple actors involved require.

At the end of the day we should all contribute with our professions to make a better world, and architecture has a big responsibility on it. 



Thank you!