Green Schools are a reality all over the world. Many countries in the developed and developing world have green schools programs. 

Education is very connected to the environment. It is present in the exact sciences from Mathematics to Physics, and in the humans sciences.

In Jewish Culture we have not only Tu Bishvat the day to celebrate the Rosh Hashana of the Trees but we have many rules and definitions of how to comport with the nature, animals, and agricultural fields

This project is a green school proposal for Israel and will improve the development of environment consciousnesses in the country.     


This school model is a concept of architecture that invites for learn near the Nature. 


The Green School its a modular model that can be build and repeated in any area of Israel with different sizes options according to the local demands.


The modules and the deck can configure many different school shapes.


-Reduces in 70% the time of construction. Prevailing high-costs and waste of materials. 

-Easier to perform a cost and scheduling controls form distance and a lot of time before execution.

- Easier to perform a material quality control before the execution began.

- Cleaner and environment friendly construction field

In the example, just for illustrate we took a module and measured the materials.

Cross Laminated Timber Wood is a sustainable wood technology worldwide used in new constructions that reduces the energy costs of fabrication in %50 compared to concrete and its anti-fire.


-Air ventilation

-Internal Temperature

-Natural Light

-Systems Superposition


In the spring and the autumn the windows can be opened and the internal architecture benefits the air circulation.

The Green School Israel Modular Project can be reproduced in many areas and it is pre-idealized  to comport different uses according to the local demands .

It can easily fit into a school with profiles like: 

-Religious Studies

-Classic Schools

-Technological Studies

-Pioneer educational philosophic school

The green school is the next step in the sustainable advance of the education of our kids.


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